Looking for solid teaching? Wondering where to find homeschool curriculum?

Here are some of my favorite resources for theology, homeschool, and more!


ESV Journaling Bible This is the Bible I use for everyday. I don’t color or draw in my Bible, I just love the large margins for my notes.

ESV Big Picture Bible This is the Bible my 7 and 5 yr olds use.

ESV Children’s Bible This is the Bible my 9 yr old uses.

ESV Student Bible This is the bible that my teenagers use.

Reformation Study Bible My recommendation for a study bible. I have this one and love it, although I use the journaling bible for my everyday reading.

NASB Journaling Bible While the ESV is my preferred translation, I do read a bit of the NASB as well. Here’s a NASB journaling Bible that I am hoping to get in the future.

Theology Sites

Ligonier Ministries
A ministry from RC Sproul. A great resource for teachings, devotions, books, and more.

Chapel Library
An amazing ministry dedicated to getting Christ-centered materials in the hands of people for free.

HeartCry Missionary Society A ministry of Paul Washer. I love to keep up-to-date on what their missionaries are doing around the world. There are also sermons and a theological forum. Their YouTube channel is also a blessing, especially their Proverbs study.

Got Questions
Have a question about the bible or anything theological? They most likely have an answer for you.

I’ll Be Honest
A ministry of Grace Community church in San Antonio, TX. Such an amazing video library of solid teachings.

Mt. Zion – Jeff Pollard
Mt. Zion is the church behind Chapel Library. Their pastor, Jeff Pollard, is a fantastic teacher and he has an excellent series on biblical womanhood.

Homeschool Curriculum

I use a lot of curriculum from here. I love them!

While they do carry some not-so-solid theology books, they carry a ton of homeschool curriculum and do a lot of homeschool related sales. I purchase our Mystery of History volumes and our kids bibles from here. *Sometimes I will even purchase our MasterBooks choices because they have cheaper shipping to Canada.

Teaching Textbooks
We love this math curriculum. It took a few tries to find a good math that didn’t cause frustration for me or my kids, but we found it with this!

Theology for Kids

Children’s Stories by JC Ryle “Looked up to and loved by children in his congregation, J.C. Ryle took their spiritual lives very seriously. Ryle encourages us to teach the whole Scripture to children and not just parts of it.”

The Ology A sweet children’s systematic theology book.

The Big Picture Story Bible A better alternative to the Jesus Storybook Bible

The Gospel Story Bible Another excellent choice for a “storybook bible”

God’s Story A Bible Coloring Book. I use this with my younger kids during the “Bible” portion of our homeschool day. They color as I read the coordinating verses and we discuss. There are no 2nd commandment violations, which is a huge bonus.

Big Truths for Little Kids A great book to teach your children catechism questions.

Favorite Books

Holiness by JC Ryle This is a must read in my opinion! “Ryle, like his great masters, has no easy way to holiness to offer us, and no ‘patent’ method by which it can be attained; but he invariably produces that ‘hunger and thirst after righteousness’ which is the only indispensable condition to being ‘filled.’ ” —D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Duties of Parents by JC Ryle Yes, another Ryle book. But its a great resource for parents!

The Excellent Wife by Martha Peace A great resource for wives or young women about to be married.

Favorite Sermons

Homeschool Supplies

Laminator – This is not the one I use. I got mine from Staples (the staples brand) years ago, but apparently they don’t make it anymore. I’ve heard great things about this Scotch laminator though!

Laminating pouches – Yes, the amazon brand. But they’re cheaper and work fantastic.

File Folder – The crate system is really popular right now, however, personally, finding a place to store a crate for each kids is difficult. I also would rather keep the workbooks intact. However, for the subjects with printables, these file folders work great. Print everything for a week and put it in one pouch. Each file folders have 13 pouches, so I can plan out 13 weeks in advance. Almost a full semester!


Bible Highlighters Love these highlighters for my bible. No bleed through!

Sharpie Pens Fine point and don’t bleed through the bible pages!

Notebook These are simple, yet durable notebooks. I use them for everything. A place to keep prayer requests, extra bible study notes, homeschool, etc

I will continue to update this page, so be sure to check back! *None of these are affiliate links